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TitleInitial FAF3 Data Now Available
Date Posted7/16/2010
Description Initial estimates from version 3 of the Freight Analysis Framework (FAF) are now available. Version 3 improves and updates previous FAF estimates, integrating data from the 2007 Commodity Flow Survey and other sources. New estimates include tonnage and value by commodity type, mode, origin, and destination for 2007. Origins and destinations are major metropolitan areas, balances of states, and international regions. Forecasts through 2040 and other version 3 data products will be released in the months ahead. The FAF provides a comprehensive picture of freight moved in the United States by all modes of transportation. Data are integrated from a variety of sources to estimate the tonnage and value of freight moving between and within regions. Tons moved by truck among regions are also converted into estimates of truck payloads on intercity routes.